Brett Mensing’s MMJ Introduction Video

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to view my Final Video Project for my COMM 240 course this semester at St. Cloud State University. This was definitely a fun, and emotional project for me to create, with it being my last semester at SCSU, and with that my final semester working with the talented crew and all of the equipment at UTVS News. For this video, I used two different cameras to film the interview that I conducted by myself. Starting out, I set up the Panasonic AC 90 camera, using the shotgun microphone set up for background noise. I didn’t have to use the light kit that comes with the AC 90, because I was fortunate to shoot my interview in Studio 1 at UTVS. With that being said, I also used the Grass Valley studio camera 2 that is stationed in Studio 1. The lighting was phenomenal for the interview, because of the professional lighting set up in the studio. I recorded my main interview through the K2 system that we use at UTVS, and used the lavaliere microphone that is attached behind the anchor desk in Studio 1. Once I recorded the main interview for my video, I was able to import the file into Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015, the software that was used to edit in postproduction. This is a non-linear editing system, used by many professionals in the mass communications industry. I edited the video using an Apple Mac computer, situated in the edit bay provided by UTVS.

Check out Brett’s full list of camera shots, listed below:

0:00 – Shot 1 –Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

0:06 – Shot 2 – Cutaway to Ken Burns Effect of Minnesota locator map.

0:10 – Shot 3 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

0:13 – Shot 4 – Wide shot of Brett at anchor desk in Studio 1 at UTVS.

0:18 – Shot 5 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

0:26 – Shot 6 – Close-up shot of SCSU logo on Grass Valley camera 2 in Studio 1.

0:28 – Shot 7 – Point-of-view shot with Brett reading at the anchor desk.

0:32 – Shot 8 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

0:34 – Shot 9 – Cutaway shot to 2 shot on camera 2 with Brett and Danielle Maroney    at anchor desk in Studio 1.

0:36 – Shot 10 – Medium shot on Brett with camera 3 in Studio 1.

0:39 – Shot 11 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

0:48 – Shot 12 – Zoom in shot on camera 2 in Studio 1 on Brett and Danielle                     Maroney, UTVS News at 6.

0:54 – Shot 13 – 2 box shot with medium shot on Brett and medium shot on Lyanne         Valdez in the UTVS Newsroom.

1:03 – Shot 14 – Cutaway to Ken Burns Effect on photo of Brett at UTVS News                  producer desk.

1:08 – Shot 15 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

1:10 – Shot 16 – 2 box shot with medium shot on Brett in UTVS Newsroom and 2              shot on camera 2 in Studio 1 with the anchors.

1:11 – Shot 17 – Medium shot on Brett reporting in UTVS Newsroom.

1:15 – Shot 18 – Eye level angle shot of Brett interviewing Jennifer Super from SCSU       Public Safety Department.

1:19 – Shot 19 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

1:30 – Shot 20 – Cutaway shot to Ken Burns Effect on photo zoom out of UTVS News      crew at anchor desk after UTVS News at 6.

1:37 – Shot 21 – 4 shot on camera 2 in Studio 1 of all talent at UTVS anchor desk.

1:39 – Shot 22 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

1:47 – Shot 23 – Wide shot of Brett at anchor desk in Studio 1.

1:53 – Shot 24 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

1:57 – Shot 25 – 2 shot on camera 1 in Studio 1 at Plasma TV with Brett and Danielle        Maroney.

2:05 – Shot 26 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

2:10 – Shot 27 – Cutaway shot to Brett at UTVS anchor desk.

2:12 – Shot 28 – Rolling credits with wide shot in background of Brett at UTVS               anchor desk.

Music used for this video, provided by Killer Tracks, with the tune of “Warming Up.”

HTML along with CSS

Hypertext Makeup Language is also known as HTML and helps build a web page. Over time, as technology adapts, so do the things that make up the way that we create every website that we ever click on while visiting the Web. There has been several types of HTML over the years, the most recent one that we use today, is known as HTML5. HTML is the language used to make various computers communicate with each other. A fundamental use of HTML is to create and use hyperlinks. HTML is used across the World Wide Web in every day life.

Cascading Style Sheets otherwise known as CSS, also builds a web page. Cascading Style Sheets are a code of language used to interpret Hypertext Makeup Language on a web page. Cascading Style Sheets main use is to separate document contact from document presentation.

The fun of Web design is essentially all up to you and what you want to create. With HTML and CSS, you are able to design how you would like your website to look based on the target audience, and viewership. While building a website one must think about what theme they would like, what the purpose of the site is, and the easy accessibility to the site. It is essential that ones website has a header, footer, main content, and navigation. It is also essential that ones website looks the same on a desktop as well as another computer device.




WordPress is a website that gives you tools to create your own website and it is “the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system in existence today.” It is a free program. Wordpress has become so popular, that it powers nearly 25% of the internet. It is a more simple version than Adobe Dreamweaver. It provides the web designer with templates and outlines, rather than having to code each step, which one does on Adobe Dreamweaver. On WordPress, web designers can create blog posts, pages, tags, portfolios and much more.

An individual can learn how to build their blogs with online resources given through WordPress. It is here that individuals are able to express whatever they would like to speak about on their own blogs. There are not any limitations to what can be said, and you are able to create as many posts, pages, and categories as one prefers. As technology as become a large part of our every day life today, things like WordPress make it an easy and accessible way for people to find out who you are.

For example if you are living across the world, keeping up on a blog will provide information to friends and family about what you are doing. Another example is if you are looking for a job, you can put this website on your resume to help a potential boss learn more about you.

Photo Attribution

Photo attribution is used for crediting ones image. It is extremely important to give credit to yourself or others work while using this on a website. One way to figure out if you have the rights to copyright is by asking yourself simple questions. Firstly, ask yourself if you created an image, if yes, give credit to yourself to protect the rights of your image. If the answer is no, you did not create this image, you will need to do further investigating in the image. You will look to see if the image is available for public use, get permission from the copyright owner, and use the appropriate attributions for the image. If the image is protected under copyright laws, then you have to contact the owner of the image.

Images are often times protected under copyright laws, but sometimes they are not. If images aren’t under copyright, they are considered to fall under the Public Domain. When citing this image, you must state that it falls under the Public Domain, making it known that it is accessible to all of the general public.

Another way to protect your image is by using Creative Commons. According to the Creative Commons website, it “gives everyone from individual creators to large companies and institutions a simple, standardized way to grant copyright permissions to their creative work.” While searching for images online, it is always important to see if an image is protected by copyright. There are websites such as, Unsplash, that allow the public to have access to high-quality photos.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is a web design program developed by the company Adobe Systems. In 1997, Macromedia created Dreamweaver, and it was kept up by them until Macromedia was bought out by Adobe Systems back in 2005. For my COMM 240 course, we are currently working on developing a website by using Adobe Dreamweaver. In order to use Adobe Dreamweaver, it is important to know how to use HTML code, which is also discussed in a post on this page of my website.

Currently, the application is available for OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Adobe Dreamweaver is an essential tool for those who want to develop a new website, and create it to be the way that fits their purpose. There are many applications that can be used with Adobe Dreamweaver, including TextWrangler. This is a tool used for powerful, all purpose text editing which can be crafted in the Bare Bones Software’s best traditions.

I do not yet know everything that Adobe Dreamweaver has to offer, but hope to teach others who visit this website a thing or two, but visiting the link that I have posted below.

With Adobe Dreamweaver, you are also able to work with Adobe Photoshop, and other applications such as Adobe and Sublime which is created by Apple for HTML encoding.

Making a Difference, One Story at a Time…

As my alarm went of this morning, I struggled to get out of bed, and begin a new day. With the laziness of my relaxed body, and the comfort of my bed set aside, I knew that it would be another day of adventures, because Tuesday’s happen to be the days that I report for UTVS News. I enjoy reporting very much, because it is always a new experience, every week. The days are long and stressful being a reporter, but it is all worth it at the end of the day, when I see my finished story air on the evening newscasts. Reporting is a class that we are required to take in the Mass Communication Broadcasting major, but it is more than just that for me. This is my passion, and although it can be tough and nerves can run wild, I enjoy the challenge each and every time I shoot, write, and edit a new story.

This week, I chose to center my story on politics, because of the mainstream media coverage of the Iowa Caucus’s that took place on Monday. Originally, I wanted to do a story about the purpose of a Caucus or Primary, and find out just what each of them mean by definition. Like previous ideas that I have had on weeks before, my vision slowly started to take a turn down the road that I had not envisioned it would. This is something that can happen any day, to any reporter. People have busy, hectic schedules, and cannot always work with me when I have time to interview them. This happened to me this week, and gave me quite the headache today.

Originally, I wanted to contact the Bernie Sanders Campaign office located in Downtown St. Cloud, and speak with an advisor or volunteer for the campaign. I planned on asking them questions not only about their volunteering experience and why they choose to participate in the process, but also about the importance of a Caucus, and what it really is. On Monday morning, I contacted the office to schedule an interview with someone that would be interested in speaking with me on-camera. After the gentleman on the other end of the line answered, I proceeded to tell him who I was, and why I was calling. To my surprise, the man came off very rude, and uninterested in my request to highlight the office, and dig deeper into the election process. This made me somewhat upset, because I see this as an opportunity to educate the public, and get citizens excited to participate in the Presidential election this year. After telling me to try back another time, I hung up the phone, and went back to the “drawing pad” to begin thinking of a new idea for my story.

When something like this happens, it can make things even more stressful than they already are. I believe everything happens for a reason, so told myself that everything would work out, and hopefully I could find a new angle to take on the report. And that I did, after speaking with one of my roommates the evening before, I remembered him telling me about a few students on the St. Cloud State campus, who volunteer their time with the SCSU College Democrats. It really pays off to speak openly to people in this industry, because all it took to get in contact with the two students was a simple Facebook message, with a short explanation as to who I am and what I was looking for.

Both of the students were more than happy to speak with me on camera, and even wanted to provide me with additional information for my story, along with other references to knowledgeable people in the field of politics. I scheduled the two interviews, and became thankful that things were starting to work out, once again. Id like to note that this is one of the things that I enjoy most about what I do with UTVS News, because I am forced to open up, and connect with new people every day in order to be successful and achieve the best sources and interviews that I can find.

With the two interviewees scheduled in my planner, I now had to think of a way to incorporate their views into my story. The topic of the report was beginning to develop once again, with a different angle. I decided to keep an open mind with this story, and see what would come from my first interview with the President of the SCSU College Democrats, Britton Mikkelsen. After the interview wrapped up, I knew that I would be in for a roller coaster of events while putting this story together. She spoke strongly about the importance of getting the younger generation out to vote, not only in local elections but also the upcoming Presidential race. This interview changed the way I would tell my story, because I started to realize just how big of an issue this is in our society. Britton told me that last year, only 300 students voted on the campus of St. Cloud State. While putting my story together today, I was able to reach out to the University Admissions office, and find out that we have nearly 15,000 students enrolled on our campus. This statistic was unbelievable to me, and called for action and attention by the media. That is where I come in, willing to dig to the bottom of the issue, and hopefully spread the message about low voter turnout when it comes to my generation.

The story began to develop, and I liked the way that it was coming along. Although it wasn’t following the original plan that I had in mind, the story still came out well, full of information and insight into an issue that many seem to brush off during important political seasons. I was able to score an interview with Zach Dorholt as well, gaining more knowledge about his previous campaign. During the 2014 election season, Dorholt lost his bid for reelection by just 69 votes, a number that could have been turned around if one floor of residence hall students would have casted their ballots.

The Iceman Roger

On Saturday, January 23, I had the chance to begin a new semester of reporting for my COMM 479 course. The opportunity to shoot a story over the weekend came to my mind during the previous week, when I realized that I would be heading up North to spend the weekend in Duluth Minnesota with my boyfriend, Justin. I typically try to shoot my reports (stories) before the day that I report on for UTVS News, which happens to be Tuesday this semester. For the first week of class, I wanted to do something that would be light hearted, fun, and feature-like so that I would have the time to edit it to my greatest ability, and also learn the new software that we are using at UTVS, Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The software was introduced to me during the fall semester, but I was hesitant to learn a new program, finding myself shying away from opening a new chapter in my career, which I now regret. The subject of my Mindings Collage and the publications that will follow from these entry’s is set to center on new beginnings, and taking risks in order to continue down the path of life, and become a better individual not only for myself, but society as a whole. With this in mind, I wish I would have taken the time to give up our old system (Final Cut Pro), and begin using Adobe Premiere Pro CC earlier on. But, with that regret set aside, I am happy to report that I have successfully learned the basics of our new system, which has allowed me to progress in my work with UTVS News, and create the story that I am about to discuss with you in this entry.

After packing up my camera equipment and making the trek up North to Duluth, I settled in to my boyfriend’s apartment, and prepared myself for the following day. I scheduled an interview with a man known as Iceman Roger for that Saturday, and was excited to meet him, once again! While on winter break, I spent a day helping out at WDIO-TV Eyewitness News in Duluth, shadowing reporter Baihly Warfield. When I arrived on that chilly Tuesday, I was excited to learn that we would be heading to Superior Wisconsin, just across the bridge from Duluth, to interview Iceman Roger about his Ice Project that he is creating once again in preparation for the Lake Superior Ice Festival. I had heard about Iceman Roger last winter while watching Eyewitness News, and was thrilled to have the chance to meet him, and find out all the details about his newest creation this year. The City of Superior asked Roger, originally from Big Lake Minnesota, to construct his ice sculptures for the City of Superior over the next three years. Using advanced technology, the retired computer engineer works countless hours programming and developing new technology systems that pump and spray water continuously on a structure that begins as a few poles and tents set up to structure the piece of work. Last year, Roger was working to set the World Record with his project, but to his dismay, the 60-foot mass of ice tumbled to the ground, never reaching the record setting height that he had anticipated. This year, Roger is back at it again, constructing a European Castle out of ice, using the same technology as before. What amazes me is that he develops everything by himself, and leaves his wife and family back home in Big Lake to spend the winter in Superior working on the project that he is so passionate about. His passion truly resonates on camera, and I am thankful that he was willing to speak with me once again for my report that aired on UTVS News this evening.

I was more excited about shooting and editing this story, because over the weekend, Justin was able to come with me during the interview, and had the chance to see just how I do my work, and how passionate I am about telling people’s stories to the public. I have had the chance to see him working with his class at Piedmont Elementary in Duluth, so it was fun to have him along for the ride as I conducted my interview with the Iceman, and shot video after.

Airing the Iceman Roger story on UTVS News. Photo by Brett Mensing

Ever since doing the story with Baihly Warfield for Eyewitness News, I have been keeping a close eye on the comments Roger is receiving on social media. These comments make me sad, because people are truly filled with courageous hate over the computer, and have said many hurtful and uncalled for things regarding the purpose of Rogers work. Getting paid to construct this by the City of Superior, many residents are unhappy with the way that their tourism dollars are being spent in the city, but they never seem to realize that this has nothing to do with him, and it truly is an issue that the Mayor of Superior should be considering. With that said, I wanted to focus on Roger himself, and his passion for turning his interest in geothermal technology into a hobby. And that I did with my story, creating a package that I personally feel told a great story of who Iceman Roger really is, and why he does what he does. This isn’t something that happens overnight, and the amount of time and dedication to this work amazes me. I loved telling Iceman Roger’s story, because he gave me hope and courage that even if people are hurtful and negative toward me in my career as a broadcast journalist one day, I will still work to be the best I can possibly be, and follow my dreams and aspirations in life. This is very important as I grow older, and get closer to developing a career in the public eye. Roger told me that he loves the attention and praise he receives from doing this project every year, but mostly enjoys putting his knowledge and dreams to use. I enjoyed doing this entry, because it allowed me to think deeper into the mind of Roger, and see that no matter what others say to try and bring me down one day, that I will prevail to become the best I can be in my life, and continue turning my passion into a profession.

Lights, Camera, Action! (and report!)

Once again, I am writing this entry to my blog late at night, due to an event that took place that I wanted to share. Tonight, I attended my 6th UTVS General Meeting in Stewart Hall. This is a meeting where all members and those who are interested in joining UTVS gather for a social hour, share a meal together, and are presented with a short explanation of all the programs that air on the UTVS channel. After the meeting, everyone is given the chance to try out for a talent position for UTVS News, which now airs Monday through Thursday at 5p.m. and 6p.m. I can still remember my first meeting, three years ago. My friend Emilio Ramos De Jesus ran into me at my apartment building where we both lived. He knew that I was attending St. Cloud State University for Mass Communications with a broadcasting emphasis. I was honored that Emilio invited me, so attended the meeting on that chilly fall night in 2013.

Flash forward to 2016, and I am auditioning once again to hold a talent position once again! Having the opportunity to be so involved with UTVS News over the past three years has been something I will always remember once I begin my career, and never forget as I move on to bigger and more intense obstacles in my career. As I prepared to try out this evening, a sense of calmness filled my body, a feeling that I have never felt while trying out. I told myself that whether or not I got a spot, that I can still be just as involved with UTVS News as I would be while anchoring.

Anchoring with Danielle Maroney, back in 2015. Photo by Lyanne Valdez

Nearly three hours after trying out, I received an email that included the attachment with final results regarding talent position for this spring semester. I was enthusiastic when reading the attachment! I was listed as an anchor for Thursday newscasts, alongside my friend and colleague Danielle Maroney. This will be the 4th semester that we have been anchoring together, and I don’t think I could be blessed with a better person to co-anchor with. We spend much time together outside of our Newsroom lives, so have what I believe to be a good chemistry together when we are on air. Danielle and I are both very passionate about what we do, so I enjoy working with her because we realize how hard things can be, but more importantly how much strength and courage it takes to produce and anchor a good newscast. I am excited to begin the new semester on Monday, January 25th. I will also be busy with reporting for UTVS News on Tuesday’s this semester, which I am excited to do as well!

Tonight on UTVS News…

As I prepare to begin a new week on this Sunday evening, I can’t help but think about what the weeks ahead will hold for my involvement with UTVS News on our campus. I have been involved with UTVS News since the fall of 2013, when I first attended SCSU as a freshman. I knew I wanted to come to St. Cloud for one reason, and one reason only; the hands-on learning experience that SCSU has to offer for Mass Communications majors with our real-life television equipment and studio to learn with. I toured UTVS during my campus orientation and tour day two months prior to moving in that fall. I was amazed by the equipment and guidance that I witnessed during my tour, and the profound list of alumni that was listed on the brochure I was handed by Derrick Silvestri, the TV Studio Manager and Advisor. Many of the names listed on the brochure were familiar, seeing them on the news back in the Northland from time-to-time. After my tour, I was very thrilled to begin a new adventure, and thoughts of working with the organization one day began filling my mind as we drove home.



Flash forward three years later, and I am a member of UTVS, and currently hold numerous positions under my belt that I have worked hard for, and earned with my dedication and trustworthiness to the organization. During my visit to UTVS News before moving to St. Cloud, I never imagined or believed that this student run organization would become such a large part in my life. I am extremely fortunate and thankful to have begun anchoring during my second semester at St. Cloud State and reporting over the past two semesters. I currently am the Managing Editor for UTVS News, working closely with our producers to ensure that each and every broadcast is unique and the best that it can possibly be, judging by my previous years of experience at UTVS, and my internship with WDIO in Duluth. I watch numerous news stations from across the Metro, and back up north in the Duluth area to learn new tricks and gain ideas that can be incorporated into our broadcasts right here in St. Cloud. I have a passion for what I am going to school for, and wake up every day with the hope of spreading that passion along to other talented students who I work with every day in our Newsroom. I plan to try out once again this semester for an anchor position, and am currently enrolled in the second reporting course that we are required to take. Each time I try out for an anchor position, I am filled with the same amount of adrenaline and nervousness that I experienced during my freshman year. The thrill is still in my blood, because I know just how competitive this career is in the real world.

I am very excited and full of anticipation for the new things that we want to try at UTVS this semester. After only having one broadcast per day (5:00p.m. broadcast) last semester, we at UTVS are thankful to be bringing back out 6:00p.m. show after realizing that one just wasn’t enough after all of the hard work and dedication that we put into each show as a team. I get to work with some of the coolest people at UTVS, and we all have one thing in common which happens to be story telling, and being public servants to our community.

Reporting is one of my biggest passions in life, and something that I am thrilled to continue doing with UTVS News once again over the next four months. I enjoy getting out in the Granite City and surrounding communities, and sharing the stories of people and places that have messages to be heard across the region. Every day that I wake up and prepare to head in to the Newsroom, sunshine brushes across my face, and paints a smile inside and out.