HTML along with CSS

Hypertext Makeup Language is also known as HTML and helps build a web page. Over time, as technology adapts, so do the things that make up the way that we create every website that we ever click on while visiting the Web. There has been several types of HTML over the years, the most recent one that we use today, is known as HTML5. HTML is the language used to make various computers communicate with each other. A fundamental use of HTML is to create and use hyperlinks. HTML is used across the World Wide Web in every day life.

Cascading Style Sheets otherwise known asĀ CSS, also builds a web page. Cascading Style Sheets are a code of language used to interpret Hypertext Makeup Language on a web page. Cascading Style Sheets main use is to separate document contact from document presentation.

The fun of Web design is essentially all up to you and what you want to create. With HTML and CSS, you are able to design how you would like your website to look based on the target audience, and viewership. While building a website one must think about what theme they would like, what the purpose of the site is, and the easy accessibility to the site. It is essential that ones website has a header, footer, main content, and navigation. It is also essential that ones website looks the same on a desktop as well as another computer device.