Brett Mensing’s MMJ Introduction Video

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to view my Final Video Project for my COMM 240 course this semester at St. Cloud State University. This was definitely a fun, and emotional project for me to create, with it being my last semester at SCSU, and with that my final semester working with the talented crew and all of the equipment at UTVS News. For this video, I used two different cameras to film the interview that I conducted by myself. Starting out, I set up the Panasonic AC 90 camera, using the shotgun microphone set up for background noise. I didn’t have to use the light kit that comes with the AC 90, because I was fortunate to shoot my interview in Studio 1 at UTVS. With that being said, I also used the Grass Valley studio camera 2 that is stationed in Studio 1. The lighting was phenomenal for the interview, because of the professional lighting set up in the studio. I recorded my main interview through the K2 system that we use at UTVS, and used the lavaliere microphone that is attached behind the anchor desk in Studio 1. Once I recorded the main interview for my video, I was able to import the file into Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015, the software that was used to edit in postproduction. This is a non-linear editing system, used by many professionals in the mass communications industry. I edited the video using an Apple Mac computer, situated in the edit bay provided by UTVS.

Check out Brett’s full list of camera shots, listed below:

0:00 – Shot 1 –Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

0:06 – Shot 2 – Cutaway to Ken Burns Effect of Minnesota locator map.

0:10 – Shot 3 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

0:13 – Shot 4 – Wide shot of Brett at anchor desk in Studio 1 at UTVS.

0:18 – Shot 5 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

0:26 – Shot 6 – Close-up shot of SCSU logo on Grass Valley camera 2 in Studio 1.

0:28 – Shot 7 – Point-of-view shot with Brett reading at the anchor desk.

0:32 – Shot 8 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

0:34 – Shot 9 – Cutaway shot to 2 shot on camera 2 with Brett and Danielle Maroney    at anchor desk in Studio 1.

0:36 – Shot 10 – Medium shot on Brett with camera 3 in Studio 1.

0:39 – Shot 11 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

0:48 – Shot 12 – Zoom in shot on camera 2 in Studio 1 on Brett and Danielle                     Maroney, UTVS News at 6.

0:54 – Shot 13 – 2 box shot with medium shot on Brett and medium shot on Lyanne         Valdez in the UTVS Newsroom.

1:03 – Shot 14 – Cutaway to Ken Burns Effect on photo of Brett at UTVS News                  producer desk.

1:08 – Shot 15 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

1:10 – Shot 16 – 2 box shot with medium shot on Brett in UTVS Newsroom and 2              shot on camera 2 in Studio 1 with the anchors.

1:11 – Shot 17 – Medium shot on Brett reporting in UTVS Newsroom.

1:15 – Shot 18 – Eye level angle shot of Brett interviewing Jennifer Super from SCSU       Public Safety Department.

1:19 – Shot 19 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

1:30 – Shot 20 – Cutaway shot to Ken Burns Effect on photo zoom out of UTVS News      crew at anchor desk after UTVS News at 6.

1:37 – Shot 21 – 4 shot on camera 2 in Studio 1 of all talent at UTVS anchor desk.

1:39 – Shot 22 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

1:47 – Shot 23 – Wide shot of Brett at anchor desk in Studio 1.

1:53 – Shot 24 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

1:57 – Shot 25 – 2 shot on camera 1 in Studio 1 at Plasma TV with Brett and Danielle        Maroney.

2:05 – Shot 26 – Medium shot on Brett from camera 2 in Studio 1 at UTVS.

2:10 – Shot 27 – Cutaway shot to Brett at UTVS anchor desk.

2:12 – Shot 28 – Rolling credits with wide shot in background of Brett at UTVS               anchor desk.

Music used for this video, provided by Killer Tracks, with the tune of “Warming Up.”

Collecting Soles 4 Souls with a Panasonic AC90

Founded in 2006, Soles 4 Souls has handed out more than 22 million pairs of shoes throughout 127 countries. Most of the reusable shoes will be distributed to microenterprise programs that create jobs in Haiti and other poor nations. The resulting revenue will help fund the free distribution on shoes in the United States and overseas.

The Central Minnesota Council of the Boy Scouts of America is taking part in the shoe drive. The Scouts hope to collect 25,000 pairs of shoes by April 16, and have already received numerous donations. I had the change to speak with Executive Scout leader Dave Trehey this week to find out why they are choosing to take a break from their annual food drive, and switch over to shoes. Take a look!

I would like to note that I used a Panasonic AC90 to shoot this story. Along with the camera itself, I used a small light kit for the interviews, and a wireless lave kit that I attached to my interviewee’s suit coat.


HTML along with CSS

Hypertext Makeup Language is also known as HTML and helps build a web page. Over time, as technology adapts, so do the things that make up the way that we create every website that we ever click on while visiting the Web. There has been several types of HTML over the years, the most recent one that we use today, is known as HTML5. HTML is the language used to make various computers communicate with each other. A fundamental use of HTML is to create and use hyperlinks. HTML is used across the World Wide Web in every day life.

Cascading Style Sheets otherwise known as CSS, also builds a web page. Cascading Style Sheets are a code of language used to interpret Hypertext Makeup Language on a web page. Cascading Style Sheets main use is to separate document contact from document presentation.

The fun of Web design is essentially all up to you and what you want to create. With HTML and CSS, you are able to design how you would like your website to look based on the target audience, and viewership. While building a website one must think about what theme they would like, what the purpose of the site is, and the easy accessibility to the site. It is essential that ones website has a header, footer, main content, and navigation. It is also essential that ones website looks the same on a desktop as well as another computer device.




WordPress is a website that gives you tools to create your own website and it is “the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system in existence today.” It is a free program. Wordpress has become so popular, that it powers nearly 25% of the internet. It is a more simple version than Adobe Dreamweaver. It provides the web designer with templates and outlines, rather than having to code each step, which one does on Adobe Dreamweaver. On WordPress, web designers can create blog posts, pages, tags, portfolios and much more.

An individual can learn how to build their blogs with online resources given through WordPress. It is here that individuals are able to express whatever they would like to speak about on their own blogs. There are not any limitations to what can be said, and you are able to create as many posts, pages, and categories as one prefers. As technology as become a large part of our every day life today, things like WordPress make it an easy and accessible way for people to find out who you are.

For example if you are living across the world, keeping up on a blog will provide information to friends and family about what you are doing. Another example is if you are looking for a job, you can put this website on your resume to help a potential boss learn more about you.

Photo Attribution

Photo attribution is used for crediting ones image. It is extremely important to give credit to yourself or others work while using this on a website. One way to figure out if you have the rights to copyright is by asking yourself simple questions. Firstly, ask yourself if you created an image, if yes, give credit to yourself to protect the rights of your image. If the answer is no, you did not create this image, you will need to do further investigating in the image. You will look to see if the image is available for public use, get permission from the copyright owner, and use the appropriate attributions for the image. If the image is protected under copyright laws, then you have to contact the owner of the image.

Images are often times protected under copyright laws, but sometimes they are not. If images aren’t under copyright, they are considered to fall under the Public Domain. When citing this image, you must state that it falls under the Public Domain, making it known that it is accessible to all of the general public.

Another way to protect your image is by using Creative Commons. According to the Creative Commons website, it “gives everyone from individual creators to large companies and institutions a simple, standardized way to grant copyright permissions to their creative work.” While searching for images online, it is always important to see if an image is protected by copyright. There are websites such as, Unsplash, that allow the public to have access to high-quality photos.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is a web design program developed by the company Adobe Systems. In 1997, Macromedia created Dreamweaver, and it was kept up by them until Macromedia was bought out by Adobe Systems back in 2005. For my COMM 240 course, we are currently working on developing a website by using Adobe Dreamweaver. In order to use Adobe Dreamweaver, it is important to know how to use HTML code, which is also discussed in a post on this page of my website.

Currently, the application is available for OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Adobe Dreamweaver is an essential tool for those who want to develop a new website, and create it to be the way that fits their purpose. There are many applications that can be used with Adobe Dreamweaver, including TextWrangler. This is a tool used for powerful, all purpose text editing which can be crafted in the Bare Bones Software’s best traditions.

I do not yet know everything that Adobe Dreamweaver has to offer, but hope to teach others who visit this website a thing or two, but visiting the link that I have posted below.

With Adobe Dreamweaver, you are also able to work with Adobe Photoshop, and other applications such as Adobe and Sublime which is created by Apple for HTML encoding.

Dream Big

For this blog post, I am taking the time to write about someone who I watch on a daily basis, someone who I trust as a journalist, and a person. I am choosing to write about David Muir from ABC World News Tonight. This might seem strange and out of reach for someone that is just starting out in the journalism field, but I have always liked to set my goals high, and have mentors from various walks of experience in life and careers. David Muir obtained the position of Evening Anchor for ABC World News Tonight just a few years back, filling the position after Diane Sawyer announced she would be stepping down from her role. Before the announcement was made as to who would fill the spot, I began thinking of people that I would like to see on World News Tonight, and couldn’t put my finger on one person in particular. After hearing that David Muir was going to fill the spot, I became inspired and excited, thinking that it is possible to achieve such great amounts of success as a younger age. We often watch the news, and see older journalists anchoring and reporting for national and international news, because that are more experienced and qualified for the positions. With the choice of David Muir to anchor, it gave me the strength that I needed in my life to push forward with greater force, and try my hardest to become a great story teller.

Photo taken from Creative Commons. ABC NEWS – 12/18/15 – ABC News coverage of the Democratic Presidential debate from St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH, airing Saturday, Dec. 19, 2015 on the ABC Television Network and all ABC News platforms. David Muir anchors WORLD NEWS TONIGHT from the site of the debate. (ABC/ Ida Mae Astute)

One day, I dream of becoming an anchor for ABC World News Tonight. This might seem like a kindergartener saying they dream of becoming President of the United States, but I have learned that every chapter of our life begins with dreams and goals, starting with short-term in order to create bedrock that we need before pushing forwards and achieving our long-term goals. I haven’t always been aware of who David Muir was, and what type of reporting he was involved in. My fixation with him began when I started to watch WDIO-WIRT Eyewitness News every evening a few years back. After the 5 o’clock local news, my family and I would always tune in to ABC World News Tonight, originally with Charlie Gibson, then Diane Sawyer, and eventually watching the torch be passed on to David. In high school, I had the opportunity through my Career Readiness course to visit WDIO-WIRT and shadow the main anchor there, Darren Danielson. This was back in 11th grade, and we have kept in touch since the experience. I enjoy watching Darren Danielson not only because I know him personally now, but also because I structure my style of anchoring at UTVS News after his. I think he is a strong reporter who has worked his way up through TV and radio to earn his position as main anchor for Eyewitness News. Like David Muir, Darren Danielson filled the position of local Northland legend Dennis Anderson after many years of anchoring for the station. Just as the decision with World News Tonight, I was leery of who the station would pick to fill the large footsteps left behind from Dennis Anderson. I think they made a very good decision, and I enjoy tuning in to see Darren Danielson every change I can when back home.

Photo taken by Brett Mensing

After a few years passed, I began working as an intern with WDIO-WIRT in Duluth. This is when I really started to become interested in more than just names of the anchors for nightly news across the nation, but more so how they were reporting the news and telling stories. I enjoy watching David Muir report, because he speaks to those across the nation who are struggling in the middle and lower classes. I enjoy reading about David Muir’s past jobs and triumphs that he has gone through to get to where he is today. David Muir began his career doing things that I am doing at WDIO; helping write small stories, getting coffee for anchors and reporters, and assisting with whatever needs to be done in the Newsroom. If I ever get the chance to interview David Muir, I would ask him what he dreamed of as a young aspiring journalist. I would question his morals, and how he juggles the demanding schedule that many journalists deal with on a day-to-day basis. I would like to learn more about his fears and worries as he began his career as a journalist, and also how he overcame them.

I have really enjoyed this post, because it has allowed me to express my interest for a career that I am so passionate for, as you can probably tell! I love to dream big when it comes to my life goals, and believe it is important to begin brainstorming and dreaming at a young age. Without goals and aspirations, we wouldn’t have much to work for in life. It is not easy to hold myself accountable for my goals at all times, but the people that I have previously mentioned keep me centered on becoming successful in my career.


Today I am thinking about my Mom, because frankly, I miss her dearly. Mom and I have been through a lot together in life, and we always manage to keep our relationship strong. The love and appreciation that I have for her is something greater than I have ever felt in my life before, because she is always there for me, through the thick and thin. Unconditional is a word often used to describe the significance of love, because it truly represents just how important my Mom is to me.

Back in September of 2013, I decided to come out to my parents, and open up about my sexuality. Coming out as a member of the gay community to my Mom was one of the most difficult things that I have ever had to do in my life, but the end result was worth all of the stress and emotions that I had before.

At first, my Mom was shocked, frustrated, and emotional. All of these possible outcomes were expected, because I was upset myself, due to the fact that this wasn’t easy. I never had any doubt in my mind that my Mom wouldn’t accept who I am as a person, and continue to love me unconditionally. The bond that we have is something that could never be broken, especially by something that is becoming more normal in the world we live in today.

I have heard horror stories from other members of the LGBT community about their coming out experiences, and the stories angered me for years. I do not understand how you could treat someone that you love and gave the gift of life to with discrimination and abandonment. Never in my mind was this a personal concern. Growing up in the small community of Silver Bay Minnesota, it was sometimes difficult to fit in with everyone, because the area is predominantly white, and heterosexual. I never experienced much bullying growing up in my school, but at times I did experience name calling and blatant acts of stupidity from uneducated peers around me.

Flowers blooming in the Nevada desert. The beautiful blossoms remind me of my Mom! Photo taken by Brett Mensing

I would always go home at the end of the day, and tell my Mom about what the other kids would say to me, and how it made me feel. I can remember her telling me to be strong, and not listen to what they were saying, because we are all different and extremely unique in our own way, shape, and form. My Mom taught me what it meant to be independent, and strong when it comes to standing up for myself. None of us are perfect, no matter how hard we try to be. With these curves in the road, it gave me the strength to learn and develop my own personality, and realize that I am the only person that can make myself happy in life. I credit this chapter in my life to my Mom, because I love her to the moon and back, and always will.

Discrimination in St. Cloud

This morning, I was shocked by an act of blatant racial discrimination while stopping to grab a cup of coffee and a donut at the local Holiday station by my apartment building. As I drove up to the parking lot, many thoughts rushed through my head, with the most prominent begin the fact that I was late to a meeting, and needed to make this stop as quick as possible. Working with UTVS and holding the position of Managing Editor, I am honored with the task of assigning weekly challenges to our Producers, with the hope of making their newscasts more interesting and competitive. Last week, the challenge was story length, and the winning day of the week was Monday. With that said, they were in for a treat, and what better than a bag of fresh donuts from the Holiday gas station!

In my rush to our morning meeting, I found it important to take time out of my morning, and grab their prize before coming in to the station. It made me feel good inside to know that they would be happy and smiles would fill their faces when they found out the results from their hard work and dedication the week before. The overabundance of variety in the donut case made me very overwhelmed, because that is that type of person I am. When it comes to choices, I become extremely stressed out and nervous about what someone will think when it comes to the final result. This is petty in life, and something I need to work on and hope that this Mindings Collage can help me with. Life is too short to take time out of my day to worry about little things, instead of taking the time to stop and be thankful for all the good things that do happen and the positive things about each day.

With that said, I made the donut decisions as quickly as possible, with the clock ticking away and the thought of my colleagues being upset about my tardiness. As I approached the checkout in the Holiday station, I was faced with an obstacle in the trail that would hold me back a few minutes but also make me stop and realize that time needs to be made when life gets difficult. A Middle Eastern mad was in front of me, beginning to checkout with a new pair of warm gloves for the chilly morning that was bearing down on Central Minnesota. The man seemed very nice, and respectful when I held the door open for him at the beginning of my visit to the station. As I grabbed my donuts, this man was thinking about how he would keep his hands warm, and how he could obtain a new pair of gloves with a small budget to work with. Now we were meeting once again, but this time I did not come into contact with him. The checkout lady in Holiday was nice at first to the man, telling him his total, and waiting for payment. This is when things changed during the experience, and it was obvious that the woman was not interested in the man’s business, or his race/ethnicity. I have experienced this type of discrimination before in St. Cloud, but never have I witnessed it to the point of this embarrassment. My eyes were truly opened up when the woman began rolling hers as the man asked for his total to be repeated, and fumbled through his pockets in search of his wallet or any type of payment. It made me sad to see that this was taking place right in front of my face. Working with the campus news station, we try to stay up-to-date on these acts of discrimination and racism that take place across the area, but it’s different when witnessed in person. The woman started to glance back at me, as I was the next person in line to checkout. I couldn’t believe myself when she looked at me and rolled her eyes once again, smirking with a look of disgust on her face in reaction to the amount of time this transaction was taking.

Soon, the man found his credit card and gave it to the clerk who swiped it viciously in her machine, giving it back to the innocent man and passive aggressively telling him to have a nice day. The transaction wasn’t over, as the man fumbled around to find a place to put his new possession, eventually motioning to the woman and asking for a bag. She seemed confused at first, then realized what he was asking for, proceeding to question his request for a bag. Quickly the woman placed his new gloves in small plastic bag, and the man left, walking back into the cold and segregated city where he has most likely moved to with the hope of finding a better life.

This experience shocked me, and made me very upset about her action and how she handled this encounter. I am choosing to write about this because I think it really touched my heart, and made me realize that even though we live hectic, busy lives, we must take time out of our day to settle down, and realize that we are all in this crazy book of life together. Everyone I come into contact with on a daily basis is treated with my respect and kindness, because I see everyone the same through my eyes. Over the past few weeks, the City of St. Cloud has shocked me with just how segregated some people in this area really are.

Below is a story that my colleague Rebecca David at UTVS News did this week, regarding the St. Cloud Community coming together as one.

Coffee and Conversation

Today has been full of events and excitement with people I love, and places that I have enjoyed visiting. As the sun began to rise on this subzero January morning, I prepared for my day with a hot cup of coffee, brewed in the latest and greatest Keurig 2.0. Coffee has been around for centuries, but the technology for the beverage has recently started to brew stronger over the past decade. I enjoy waking up with a cup of good Folgers in my hand, but have recently started to enjoy local brews from across many regions that I visit. On this specific Saturday, I had the chance to visit a new location for a cup of java; a place where coffee is life, and it comes from the heart. The Duluth Coffee Company has been around for years, but I have never had the chance to visit their location and see what all the hype is about. Deciding to take the time out of my busy, hectic Saturday was something that really made me feel warm and fuzzy for the rest of the day.

Coffee at Pelican Coffee Company in Duluth during a previous visit to the beautiful City. Taken by Brett Mensing

After shooting a story with Iceman Roger across the bridge in Superior Wisconsin, I decided to take a detour on my way back to my boyfriend’s house. He tends to frequent the popular coffee hangout, and wanted my to experience and taste the “grounds.” We both enjoy a nice cup of coffee, one with crème, and the other without. Upon arrival to the fine establishment situated on Superior Street in Duluth Minnesota, we were greeted with warm welcome, and happy smiles. As previously stated in my blog, Duluth is a City that I can see myself living in over the next few years, because it is close to home and is welcoming when it comes to accepting my sexuality. Walking in to the Duluth Coffee Company, I was holding my boyfriend’s hand, happy to be doing something out of the ordinary in my life, and taking the time to sit back and enjoy life while reflecting on things that pop into my mind.

As for each cup of coffee, there is no correct way to drink a cup. I find this to be true with people as well. We are all different, and are all brewed to our own perfection. Some of us might indulge in a light roast with crème, while others may enjoy a darker roast, without. As I began sipping away at my cup of coffee on this Saturday afternoon and engaging in conversation with my boyfriend, I started to think about how coffee and local coffee shops are similar to human beings. We all enjoy different settings, different roasts, and varied beliefs as to what tastes the best when it comes to life, and beverages.

I was excited to see that my boyfriend and I were not starred down while we enjoyed our coffee at this local hangout. I have recently experienced discrimination across the St. Cloud area, and it has made me feel upset and unhappy about going out in public with the person I love. It really makes me think about where I want to live after graduation, as I see myself latching on to this wonderful relationship that I have been blessed with as the New Year begins. I think about my future, and brew up fresh thoughts about who I am, and who I want to be not only as a person, but also as a boyfriend, friend, and journalist. I want to live in a place that welcomes me, and allows me to feel warm and comfortable to be myself.

Lake Superior at sunset. Taken by Brett Mensing

My visit to the Duluth Coffee Company is something that I will remember for months to come, because it was an enjoyable experience. I was able to relax, and reflect on the fact that coffee resembles who we are as people. We might be sweet, bitter, or strong at times. These feelings and tastes might not fit into our lives, but there are always other locations that may offer a more acceptable experience.