Collecting Soles 4 Souls with a Panasonic AC90

Founded in 2006, Soles 4 Souls has handed out more than 22 million pairs of shoes throughout 127 countries. Most of the reusable shoes will be distributed to microenterprise programs that create jobs in Haiti and other poor nations. The resulting revenue will help fund the free distribution on shoes in the United States and overseas.

The Central Minnesota Council of the Boy Scouts of America is taking part in the shoe drive. The Scouts hope to collect 25,000 pairs of shoes by April 16, and have already received numerous donations. I had the change to speak with Executive Scout leader Dave Trehey this week to find out why they are choosing to take a break from their annual food drive, and switch over to shoes. Take a look!

I would like to note that I used a Panasonic AC90 to shoot this story. Along with the camera itself, I used a small light kit for the interviews, and a wireless lave kit that I attached to my interviewee’s suit coat.


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