Tonight on UTVS News…

As I prepare to begin a new week on this Sunday evening, I can’t help but think about what the weeks ahead will hold for my involvement with UTVS News on our campus. I have been involved with UTVS News since the fall of 2013, when I first attended SCSU as a freshman. I knew I wanted to come to St. Cloud for one reason, and one reason only; the hands-on learning experience that SCSU has to offer for Mass Communications majors with our real-life television equipment and studio to learn with. I toured UTVS during my campus orientation and tour day two months prior to moving in that fall. I was amazed by the equipment and guidance that I witnessed during my tour, and the profound list of alumni that was listed on the brochure I was handed by Derrick Silvestri, the TV Studio Manager and Advisor. Many of the names listed on the brochure were familiar, seeing them on the news back in the Northland from time-to-time. After my tour, I was very thrilled to begin a new adventure, and thoughts of working with the organization one day began filling my mind as we drove home.



Flash forward three years later, and I am a member of UTVS, and currently hold numerous positions under my belt that I have worked hard for, and earned with my dedication and trustworthiness to the organization. During my visit to UTVS News before moving to St. Cloud, I never imagined or believed that this student run organization would become such a large part in my life. I am extremely fortunate and thankful to have begun anchoring during my second semester at St. Cloud State and reporting over the past two semesters. I currently am the Managing Editor for UTVS News, working closely with our producers to ensure that each and every broadcast is unique and the best that it can possibly be, judging by my previous years of experience at UTVS, and my internship with WDIO in Duluth. I watch numerous news stations from across the Metro, and back up north in the Duluth area to learn new tricks and gain ideas that can be incorporated into our broadcasts right here in St. Cloud. I have a passion for what I am going to school for, and wake up every day with the hope of spreading that passion along to other talented students who I work with every day in our Newsroom. I plan to try out once again this semester for an anchor position, and am currently enrolled in the second reporting course that we are required to take. Each time I try out for an anchor position, I am filled with the same amount of adrenaline and nervousness that I experienced during my freshman year. The thrill is still in my blood, because I know just how competitive this career is in the real world.

I am very excited and full of anticipation for the new things that we want to try at UTVS this semester. After only having one broadcast per day (5:00p.m. broadcast) last semester, we at UTVS are thankful to be bringing back out 6:00p.m. show after realizing that one just wasn’t enough after all of the hard work and dedication that we put into each show as a team. I get to work with some of the coolest people at UTVS, and we all have one thing in common which happens to be story telling, and being public servants to our community.

Reporting is one of my biggest passions in life, and something that I am thrilled to continue doing with UTVS News once again over the next four months. I enjoy getting out in the Granite City and surrounding communities, and sharing the stories of people and places that have messages to be heard across the region. Every day that I wake up and prepare to head in to the Newsroom, sunshine brushes across my face, and paints a smile inside and out.

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