Lights, Camera, Action! (and report!)

Once again, I am writing this entry to my blog late at night, due to an event that took place that I wanted to share. Tonight, I attended my 6th UTVS General Meeting in Stewart Hall. This is a meeting where all members and those who are interested in joining UTVS gather for a social hour, share a meal together, and are presented with a short explanation of all the programs that air on the UTVS channel. After the meeting, everyone is given the chance to try out for a talent position for UTVS News, which now airs Monday through Thursday at 5p.m. and 6p.m. I can still remember my first meeting, three years ago. My friend Emilio Ramos De Jesus ran into me at my apartment building where we both lived. He knew that I was attending St. Cloud State University for Mass Communications with a broadcasting emphasis. I was honored that Emilio invited me, so attended the meeting on that chilly fall night in 2013.

Flash forward to 2016, and I am auditioning once again to hold a talent position once again! Having the opportunity to be so involved with UTVS News over the past three years has been something I will always remember once I begin my career, and never forget as I move on to bigger and more intense obstacles in my career. As I prepared to try out this evening, a sense of calmness filled my body, a feeling that I have never felt while trying out. I told myself that whether or not I got a spot, that I can still be just as involved with UTVS News as I would be while anchoring.

Anchoring with Danielle Maroney, back in 2015. Photo by Lyanne Valdez

Nearly three hours after trying out, I received an email that included the attachment with final results regarding talent position for this spring semester. I was enthusiastic when reading the attachment! I was listed as an anchor for Thursday newscasts, alongside my friend and colleague Danielle Maroney. This will be the 4th semester that we have been anchoring together, and I don’t think I could be blessed with a better person to co-anchor with. We spend much time together outside of our Newsroom lives, so have what I believe to be a good chemistry together when we are on air. Danielle and I are both very passionate about what we do, so I enjoy working with her because we realize how hard things can be, but more importantly how much strength and courage it takes to produce and anchor a good newscast. I am excited to begin the new semester on Monday, January 25th. I will also be busy with reporting for UTVS News on Tuesday’s this semester, which I am excited to do as well!

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