Finding My True North

For this blog post, I find it essential that I speak of an area that I can see myself potentially living in the next two years, once I graduate from St. Cloud State University. I am using this post to discover my true Northbound direction in life, and allow my mind to wander, and discover the many possibilities that I could develop as my life becomes more complex and complicated. Duluth Minnesota has always been an area that I could see myself living once I graduate, and hopefully land my dream job that would fulfill my short-term career goals as a Broadcast Journalist. Growing up one-hour further North of Duluth, in Silver Bay Minnesota, I like to believe that the area is still my homeland, and that Duluth would be a comfortable place to begin my professional life, and hopefully start a family one-day. In this post, I would like to discuss my beliefs, and how I feel that everything in life happens for a reason. Recently, I have been beginning relations with a wonderful man, Justin Chumich, who just so happens to live in Duluth, and be from the area that I grew up knowing so well, the Northland.

The past few years have been extremely difficult for me, in the relationship realm of my life. Living in St. Cloud for nine months out of the year, I find it frustrating to find someone compatible to spend my time with, while spending my summers back home in Silver Bay. Up until just recently, I have been a single man, giving up on the hope of finding true love, and someone who would treat me with loyalty and respect while also fitting into my hectic life as an aspiring journalist. I believe everything happens for a reason in life, and do tend to tie this to the belief in my God. I haven’t always lived life thinking this was true, but more recently, I have had many struggles and eye-opening experiences that have taught me to reflect upon my actions, and think about why they have happened. These actions have always led me to a happier place in life, and allowed for me to grow and strengthen my belief in God, and having someone that is watching over me as I swerve down the road we like to call life.

IMG_0518When I first began chatting with Justin back in December of 2015, I was leery of jumping into a relationship, and starting something with a man that lived in Duluth, two hours away from where I spend most of my year, in St. Cloud. As the weeks pass by, I am slowing beginning to break apart the wall that I spend my last year and a half building up to protect myself. I believe that Justin was a blessing sent to me from up above, because I couldn’t be happier with the relationship that we have started to build over such a short amount of time. Duluth is a wonderful, beautiful city that as previously stated, I could see myself living in once graduation passes by. I have been blessed to work with WDIO, Eyewitness News in Duluth over the past year, with the aspiration of getting my foot in the door that will hopefully lead to a job out of college. As I sit and ponder while writing this post, I believe that this entry fits well into the Life category, because the last few months have truly made me question where my true North is in life. I have taken “trips” to the South over the past year and a half, and am finally beginning to think that its time to take a journey back North, and start planning where I can see my life heading over the next few years. I am starting to think that this period in my life (early 20’s) is truly a time to think about myself, my life, and what I want to be not only as a person, but also as a chapter book that has just begun. I think that Justin has come into my life for the best, and believe that this is a sign from my God above, showing me that the area of Duluth will be a happy place in my life, for my career, my personal goals, and my relationship.

After having many magnetic forces that have fooled my compass over the last few months, I am happy to think that it is back on track, and those magnetic fields have been diverted after dealing with the struggle of finding true north once again.


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