Dream Big

For this blog post, I am taking the time to write about someone who I watch on a daily basis, someone who I trust as a journalist, and a person. I am choosing to write about David Muir from ABC World News Tonight. This might seem strange and out of reach for someone that is just starting out in the journalism field, but I have always liked to set my goals high, and have mentors from various walks of experience in life and careers. David Muir obtained the position of Evening Anchor for ABC World News Tonight just a few years back, filling the position after Diane Sawyer announced she would be stepping down from her role. Before the announcement was made as to who would fill the spot, I began thinking of people that I would like to see on World News Tonight, and couldn’t put my finger on one person in particular. After hearing that David Muir was going to fill the spot, I became inspired and excited, thinking that it is possible to achieve such great amounts of success as a younger age. We often watch the news, and see older journalists anchoring and reporting for national and international news, because that are more experienced and qualified for the positions. With the choice of David Muir to anchor, it gave me the strength that I needed in my life to push forward with greater force, and try my hardest to become a great story teller.

Photo taken from Creative Commons. ABC NEWS – 12/18/15 – ABC News coverage of the Democratic Presidential debate from St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH, airing Saturday, Dec. 19, 2015 on the ABC Television Network and all ABC News platforms. David Muir anchors WORLD NEWS TONIGHT from the site of the debate. (ABC/ Ida Mae Astute)

One day, I dream of becoming an anchor for ABC World News Tonight. This might seem like a kindergartener saying they dream of becoming President of the United States, but I have learned that every chapter of our life begins with dreams and goals, starting with short-term in order to create bedrock that we need before pushing forwards and achieving our long-term goals. I haven’t always been aware of who David Muir was, and what type of reporting he was involved in. My fixation with him began when I started to watch WDIO-WIRT Eyewitness News every evening a few years back. After the 5 o’clock local news, my family and I would always tune in to ABC World News Tonight, originally with Charlie Gibson, then Diane Sawyer, and eventually watching the torch be passed on to David. In high school, I had the opportunity through my Career Readiness course to visit WDIO-WIRT and shadow the main anchor there, Darren Danielson. This was back in 11th grade, and we have kept in touch since the experience. I enjoy watching Darren Danielson not only because I know him personally now, but also because I structure my style of anchoring at UTVS News after his. I think he is a strong reporter who has worked his way up through TV and radio to earn his position as main anchor for Eyewitness News. Like David Muir, Darren Danielson filled the position of local Northland legend Dennis Anderson after many years of anchoring for the station. Just as the decision with World News Tonight, I was leery of who the station would pick to fill the large footsteps left behind from Dennis Anderson. I think they made a very good decision, and I enjoy tuning in to see Darren Danielson every change I can when back home.

Photo taken by Brett Mensing

After a few years passed, I began working as an intern with WDIO-WIRT in Duluth. This is when I really started to become interested in more than just names of the anchors for nightly news across the nation, but more so how they were reporting the news and telling stories. I enjoy watching David Muir report, because he speaks to those across the nation who are struggling in the middle and lower classes. I enjoy reading about David Muir’s past jobs and triumphs that he has gone through to get to where he is today. David Muir began his career doing things that I am doing at WDIO; helping write small stories, getting coffee for anchors and reporters, and assisting with whatever needs to be done in the Newsroom. If I ever get the chance to interview David Muir, I would ask him what he dreamed of as a young aspiring journalist. I would question his morals, and how he juggles the demanding schedule that many journalists deal with on a day-to-day basis. I would like to learn more about his fears and worries as he began his career as a journalist, and also how he overcame them.

I have really enjoyed this post, because it has allowed me to express my interest for a career that I am so passionate for, as you can probably tell! I love to dream big when it comes to my life goals, and believe it is important to begin brainstorming and dreaming at a young age. Without goals and aspirations, we wouldn’t have much to work for in life. It is not easy to hold myself accountable for my goals at all times, but the people that I have previously mentioned keep me centered on becoming successful in my career.

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