Beginning a New Chapter

To begin my blog, I want to discuss something that recently began to blaze over the Holiday break, but truly sparked nearly three months prior. Back in September, my iPhone buzzed with a new notification from my Facebook app. Glancing down quickly, I noticed it was a friend request, but not from anyone that was familiar in my life. Now with all flashiness and egotistic thoughts set aside, I am a nice, kind person that happens to work in the public service industry (television broadcast with UTVS News) and tend to get new friend requests from time to time from folks that I don’t personally know. Let me move on with a little kindling background information about myself before we set fire to the rain. I am in my Junior Year at St. Cloud State University working toward my undergraduate degree in Mass Communications with emphasis in broadcasting, 20 years old, and a proud member of the LGBT community. With the most important sticks laid out and ready to spark a flame, we can now get to the part about me settling into the present moment.

Over the past year, I have been a single guy, working to strengthen myself as a strong independent person, and enjoying life one day at a time while setting long-term goals. However, my relationship status quickly changed during the week of December 22. Back to the result of the Facebook friend request that you have probably been wondering about since previously discussed. Well, I accepted, and began talking to Mr. Justin Chumich. He seemed like a very handsome man, living in Duluth Minnesota (one hour away from my hometown of Silver Bay Minnesota), teaching kindergarten and enjoying life with wonderful friends and family. We began small chatting, asking about how we both were doing, and extending the conversation to a few flirtatious messages back and forth. However, as quick as the conversation sparked up, it was extinguished like a candle trying to survive in the wind. For the next three/four months, I did not communicate back and forth with Justin. Not having the faith in myself to commit to someone at the time, I stayed singe, and unhappy with that status once again as the holiday season began to shine so bright.

First photo with Justin, after becoming “official!” Taken by Brett Mensing

With the semester wrapping up, and finals coming to an end, I had many hours of free time to check my social media applications. As I was scrolling through one fine day, I noticed a picture that was posted of this Justin Chumich guy once again. Being an avid dog lover, I was immediately drawn to the image of Justin sleeping peacefully on a black leather couch with a Pitbull puppy on his chest. This image has been the spark of a new beginning, and a dog that will go down in history as my new relationship begins to shine bright inthe present.

The photo of Justin that sparked my interest! Taken by Megan Polling

Since seeing the image and messaging Justin back with a flirtatious chat about loving dogs, and how cute the picture was, we have been chatting and spending time together for the past four weeks. Justin recently asked me to be his boyfriend on January 11th, 2016. With tear filled eyes, I graciously accepted his offer, looking forward to the commitment and fun to be had as we continue to spend time together, day-by-day. Throughout my blog, I will continue to discuss bits and pieces of this new adventure, but must sign off for now, as I continue to settle in to the present moment.

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